In the Press
December, 2010

Focus Dining Guide - Interview

How long have you been in Coffs Harbour?

Over two decades; I grew up here.

What inspired you to become a chef?

Growing up, I was very picky about what I ate. Despite mum being an amazing cook, I often wanted my meals to be made exactly how my tastebuds wanted it. This often led me to bring out the pans and cook what I wanted, how I wanted it. Initially though, it was my mother's spontaneous approach to cooking which led me to believe that I could also do it!

How long have you been cooking for?

For 10 years.

Tell us about your style of cooking.

I like to cater for each customer's individual taste. I understand that the same dish can have many variations - whether it is as simple as making a dish mild, medium or hot, or adding more or less zest to each dish. I like to prepare each dish to best suit my customers' tastebuds.

I love to see people's faces light up when they talk about how much they enjoyed their meal. Here I refer to the look of pure satisfaction that comes over their faces when they enjoy something not only delicious, but something that really hits the spot!

What are your favourite ingredients to cook with, and why?

I am tremendously grateful for all the fresh ingredients which are readily available in this area. However, my two all time favourite ingredients are traditionally vegetarian – coriander and onion. The coriander comes straight from my mother's vegetable garden.

What's unique about your menu at Taste Of North India?

With an emphasis on refined yet creative Indian cuisine, the menu incorporates both traditional classic favourites and original new dishes that apply eastern flavours with a western twist. Also on offer we have an extensive wine list, which complements our Indian Cuisine.

What will locals love about Taste Of North India?

Our current regular customers love our consistency to quality and service. We offer to you not only great friendly service, but delicious dishes that have been lovingly made with the utmost of care. Location wise, we are situated on the very southern end of the Jetty Strip, closest to the beach, with a parking lot just a few steps away from our alfresco seating.

What do you enjoy most about running an eatery in Coffs Harbour?

Coffs Harbour is a beautiful town, with lovely cultured personalities. People here are very welcoming and open to experience a variety of cuisines, who have been tremendously devoted to us.

Running a restaurant in a busy tourist town during summer allows us to meet new faces each year. Not only this, it also allows us to serve people from around the nation, giving us the chance to further unveil what we have to offer – which is a rewarding experience in itself.

What is new at Taste Of North India?

We will be opening for lunch during 2010/2011 summer holidays. We will have on offer delicious new meals, with the inclusion of eastern flavours and refreshing beverages made from locally grown fruits.

Do you cater for functions or any other special services?

We most definitely cater for large and small events, including weddings, birthday parties and gatherings. We also do Christmas and New Year's parties and can also do banquets on request.

Thank you Pritpal.